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Reach the skies and enjoy the ultimate experience in Free To Air (FTA) digital satellite programming.  Our digital receivers are the most technologically advanced digital satellite receivers available on the market today at any price range.  Its state-of-the-art RISC technology with easy to use multi-lingual user interface coupled with its ultra sensitive tuners allow you to enjoy watching digital satellite reception within minutes of opening your receiver package.

Whether you are a hobbyist searching for a multitude of free to air transmissions, a professional Radio or TV broadcaster or someone looking for ethnic programming to enjoy broadcasts from your homeland such as Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Polish, Indian, Iranian and many more, we have the digital receiver that will meet your need...

We pioneered the introduction of free to air digital satellite receivers into the North and South American markets since 1999.  These exciting receivers allow you to receive a multitude of free TV and Radio signals into the comfort of your home without monthly fees. All you need is a small dish and a free to air digital  receiver to start watching the best of free global entertainment available on the airwaves.

Start your adventure into the exciting world of the best free to air digital satellite programming. All you need is a free to air digital receiver and a 30" dish with a Ku LNBF.  If you already own a C Band dish , slaving a free to air digital receiver to your system is as easy as connecting a VCR to your television set.

Add the SG-2100 HH mount to your 30" dish and receive over 300 channels of free to air programming on the various Ku band satellites.


One Year Full Warranty
30 Day money back guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with one year of full warranty and unconditional 30 days money back guarantee on all digital receiver models.  No questions asked.  Your total satisfaction is our goal. Please review our return policy


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Simply the Best.
The next generation of digital receivers
Free to Air plus much more...

SatCruiser Xtreme

SatCruiser Xtreme
Digital Receiver
DVR -Records on your PC-

Nfusion Solaris

Digital Receiver
DVR -Records on your PC-

SuperStar/Nfusion Nova Compatible
$99.00 Special
Digital Receiver
DVR -Records on your PC-

SatCruiser Nova FTA

NiteCruiser 3000
Nite Cruiser 3000
Blinding fast blind search






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Zintech Single KU-LNBF. $29
DMS Single KU-LNBF $19

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DMS Dual KU-LNBF. $29
The Ultimate Combo.

Satcruiser Nova/ 30" Winegard dish/ Ku lnbf/ SG2100 motor
Satellite Finder Kit
satfind2.gif (9636 bytes) Adjust your dish to receive the maximum signal level. $19.00

DiSeqC Switches

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DiSeqC 2.0 or 22KHz 2 Way Genix A/B switchControls 2 dishes or C/Ku LNBs

DiSeqC 2.0 4 way Hygeia  switch
Controls a combination of 4 inputs

SG2100 HH Mount

Receive TV and Radio signals from different satellites.  No extra wiring is required.  It uses the existing coax cable that connects your receiver to the dish. $65
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The New SatCruiser Xtreme, a digital receiver and DVR $129.  Save your favorite programs on your PC for later viewing.


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