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Software Down Load for Satcruiser
models only

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This Section is for downloading Satcruiser model receivers only.  Downloading this software into any other type of receiver will render that receiver inoperable.


Firmware And Channel Editor Software.


Please note that the software is incompatible across the various models. If you download the wrong software into your receiver, you may render it inoperable and it may require service which is not covered under the warranty.  Also, if your software version is higher than the software version you are downloading STOP, there is no need for an upgrade.

PC Users, point to the link and right-click the mouse button. Macintosh users, hold down the mouse button on the link.

You will need a 9 pin null modem cable. To order on line, please click on this link.

1. Null modem cable
2. Lemon_Lsi software or Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal communication software.

The best loader for the Satcruiser/Starcruiser models is the UploaderLite loader. This loader loads at baud rates of 115200.  Old models such as the DSR-101Ace are unable to download at such high speeds.  Therefore, for those old receivers, you need to download using the Lemon loader, or you can use the hyper terminal loader.

1. HyperTerminal Communication program - Shipped with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. To check if you have the HyperTerminal software on your computer click on Start, Programs, Accessories, Communication, HyperTerminal. In the Hyper Terminal folder, you should see a HyperTerminal icon.  If you can not find it there try to find it in the My Computer icon. Click on the My Computer icon in the Desktop.
If you can not find it, you can install it from your Windows CD by clicking on Start, Setting, Control Panel then select the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select Windows setup Tab and click on communication.  You will see the HyperTerminal unchecked. Check it and press okay and continue with the procedure.

2. Serial NULL MODEM cable (Computer to Computer Transfer Cable)

3. Some prior knowledge of the HyperTerminal application.

This software pertains to the North and South American Models only. The unit will boot in NTSC mode
DSR-2040/DSR-401P Europe is the European software. The unit will boot in PAL mode



Firmware Software Loader Editor Software
Satcruiser Nova
Check your boot software version and download the correct file.
(menu, system setting, S/W Version)


Ched 1.1.exe
Satcruiser DSR-101 PLUS+
(Units with R3X boot)
(menu, system setting, S/W Version)


Ched 1.1.exe
Satcruiser DSR-101 PLUS+
(Units with R3R boot)
(menu, system setting, S/W Version)


Ched 1.1.exe
DSR-2040 /DSR-401P U.S.A. r4pbamusa.12851a HyperTerminal NO EDITOR
DSR-2040 /DSR-401P EUROPE r4pbauaus.12855a HyperTerminal NO EDITOR
DSR-301/DSR-3000IR 3.10RCUSAfull.bin HyperTerminal NO EDITOR


Satcruiser Nova/101Plus+
Starcruiser 9000
boot_R3X_v130.bin UploaderLite  
Starcruiser 9000 with R3R boot
Convert it to R3X boot.
Load first file, then second file then 3rd file.
This software is good only for the Starcruiser 9000 NOT the Satcruiser Plus+ with R3R Software
UploaderLite Directions:
In UploaderLite click on MAIN to change it to BOOT, Open the file and click on DOWNLOAD, Click OK then turn receiver power ON.
Wait till you see GOOD


Hyper Terminal Setup


You can download this StarCruiser_HT_COM1.ht Hyper Terminal communication program if you have COM1 as your communication port

You can also set up the Hyper Terminal manually as follows
To set your HyperTerminal follow these steps

1. Window 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Click on Start, Programs, Accessories, Communication, HyperTerminal
2. Click on HyperTerminal, select Satcruiser for the connection name
3. At the "connection string" field, click on the ARROW and select COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4 depending on the serial port you will be using for the download. (Normally COM1 or COM2). It is extremely important to know which port you will be using for downloading the software.
4. For the Connection Parameters select the parameters from the table below.
5. put the Satcruiser in "software upgrade mode"
6. In the HyperTerminal click on "send file"

Old models SatCruiser DSR-101 Ace/Plus/3000IR/DSR-2040

Hyper Terminal Setup
For the Satcruiser Nova/DSR-101Plus+ please use the UploaderLite

BPS: 57600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None
File Send Protocol: Z MODEM


How to set the Satcruiser in software upgrade mode.

1. Connect the null modem cable between the Satcruiser and the PC.
2. Press the Z key on the keyboard and turn the receiver power on immediately.  If you do not see the upgrade menu on the hyper terminal, then turn the unit off, and press SHIFT Z then turn the power on.
3. Select item 1 (software upgrade) from the menu displayed on your HyperTerminal screen.

4. From the HyperTerminal menu, click on Transfer and Send File.  Use the BROWSE function to locate the software file name . Select ZMODEM as the type of transfer protocol. Once the file name is in the browse window press OK
5. After clicking on the OK button, a meter will start counting on your HyperTerminal screen.  If it does not, check your connection and start again.

6. Wait until the file is completely transferred, then initialize the unit by pressing Menu, System Setting, Initialization OK, OK
8. To view the version number press Menu, Installation, System Setup, Software Version, Exit.



The software files are for the Satcruiser product line only. If you have a unit that is Satcruiser compatible (similar menu system), this software may lock your system and will cause it to become inoperable.

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