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Satcruiser DSR-101/StarCruiser 9000 Programming

help_key.jpg (4776 bytes) This section describes how to Program the Satcruiser DSR-101 Plus+ and the StarCruiser 9000. The programming procedure is identical for both models.

Programming the Satcruiser DSR-101 Plus+ is quite simple. 

Channel Search for a Specific Frequency

  • Press Menu
  • Press Installation, OK
  • Press TP Configuration, OK
  • At the Satellite name, press OK to view a list of the satellites.
  • Use Channel Down/Up to select the appropriate satellite then press OK
  • Press Left Arrow to go down to the frequency window
  • Press Channel Down/Up to highlight the frequency then press OK
  • Use Channel Down/Up to highlight "Search Channels" then press OK. Please note that if there is no signal on the lower signal quality meter, the receiver will not be able to lock on the signal.
  • Press Exit when the channels are found.

Changing the Name of a TV channel

  • Press Menu
  • Press Installation, OK
  • Press Edit TV List
  • Channel Down/Up to highlight the channel
  • Press INFO
  • At the channel name press OK
  • Use the Keyboard like screen to change the channel name
  • press Menu
  • Press Exit

View TV Channels on a specific Satellite
If you have multiple satellites programmed and wish to group the channels per satellite follow this procedure

  • Press the Left Volume Key
  • Select the satellite you wish to view and press OK
  • The TV list will show the channel that belong to that specific satellite. To view all satellites press the Left Volume key again and select ALL Satellites

Copy the TV Channels or the software from one receiver to another
You can copy either the TV Channels only, or the TV channels and receiver's firmware.
To initiate the copying process, please follow these directions.

  1. Prepare the two receivers. One is the source, the other is the target.
  2. Set the source receiver in send mode as follows
  3. Turn on the power of the source receiver and press the buttons on the front panel or the remote control in the following order:  MENU, CH-UP, VOL-UP, CH-DOWN, VOL-DOWN, MENU
    The text CPPG (Copy Program) will appear on the front LED display
  4. If you wish to copy the firmware and the TV channels, then skip this bullet. If you wish to copy just the TV channels then press CH-UP or CH-Down, the LED will display CPCH (Copy Channels).
  5. Press the OK button.  The LED will display SEND
  6. Connect the source and target receivers with an RS232 null modem cable.
  7. Turn on the power of the target receiver.
  8. The copy function will proceed automatically.  STRT will be displayed on the front LED of the source receiver, and a percentage will be displayed on the target receiver.
  9. When transfer is completed, the message GOOD or FAIL will appear on the front LED of the source receiver, and UPDA will be displayed on the LED of the target receiver.  The target receiver will reboot.
  10. If you want to make a copy to another receiver, just proceed from step 6 through 9. No need to press any buttons on the source receiver.

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