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help_key.jpg (4776 bytes) This section has links to interesting sites that will be helpful in increasing your knowledge of MPEGII programming.

Link to Lookup angles and elevation
Calculate the azimuth and elevation angle based on your city and state, or latitude and longitude. Please note that azimuth is based on true magnetic north. You must adjust your compass to accommodate the magnetic deviation for your area. Remember to add or subtract your magnetic deviation based on the simple rule "East is least, and West is best".  I.e., if your location is east of magnetic zero then your actual compass heading is less than the true reading, therefore you will have to add the magnetic deviation difference. Certain types of compasses can be adjusted manually for the magnetic deviation, and will always point to the true north.

You can also download a small AZ/EL program from our download page.

Galaxy19/ntelsat5/Telstar 5 Satellite Chart
This website contains the latest frequencies for all the free to air channels on Galaxy25/Intelsat 5/Telstar 5 (97 West).
The name of this satellites had changed several times in the past few years.  Original it was called Telstar 5, then intelsat 5 and most recently it is referred to as Galaxy 25.

Lyngmark Satellite Charts
Visit this site for the latest news about the various programming of any satellite all over the world. It is the Mecca of satellite information.

Satcodx Satellite Charts
Another good site for satellite information

WCPE Classical Music station. Available DVB free to air on AMC1 Ku Band


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