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Split C/Ku Using 12 Volts Switch

help_key.jpg (4776 bytes) This section describes how to split C and Ku signals using a 12 Volts switch.
  • Connect the C band to terminal 0 Volts, and the Ku band to terminal 12V of the A/B switch.
  • Connect the output of the switch (marked RX) to the Sat Cruiser

Programming the Satcruiser

  • Press Menu

  • Press Installation, OK

  • Press TP Configuration, OK

  • At the satellite name,  select the satellite. For the 101 Ace/Plus, press Ok, select the satellite, then press OK again. For 201P and 301 use the volume keys to select the satellite.

  • Move down to the LNB field and press OK

  • For Ku band satellites set the 12 Volts setting to 12, for C band satellites leave it at 0.

  • The receiver is now ready to select the appropriate LNB automatically.



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