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Technical support is the key to the hearts and minds of our customers.  We have a never ending endeavor at keeping our customers satisfied.  This company is owned and managed by satellite enthusiasts like yourself.  This is not only our business, it is also our hobby.  If you feel that there is an interesting topic that we should add to this section, or a general question that should be included, we would appreciate your comments. Please leave us a note in the contact us page.


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Free to Air (FTA) satellite TV is similar to receiving your local TV channels through your air antenna. In the case of satellite TV, you will receive the free TV signals from the satellites instead.  The Satcruiser is not a descrambler.  You will not be able to receive premium encrypted channels. These channels are normally by subscription from the signal provider. Certain models of the Satcruiser such as the DSR-3000IR and DSR-2040 have what is called in the industry as "common Interface" or CI which gives it the capability to accept encryption cards that would allow you to subscribe to premium channels.  The cards are sold separately.  For more details, see the Conditional access module (CAM) description on this page.

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Free to air plus much more...

There are certain receivers such as the StarCruiser 9000, SkyCruiser 7000, Digiwave 7000, Pansat 2500A, Coolsat, Black Bird, Fortec etc., that can accept third party "patched" software which will allow the user to descramble certain encrypted channels.  This  software is readily available on the internet and can be downloaded into your receiver through a "software loader" program.  The process is identical to upgrading your receiver with new software.  Basically, you will need to download 2 programs from the internet into your computer, the loader software and the receiver's patched software. 

Using a null modem cable 9 pin female to 9 pin female -Some receivers such as the Pansat require straight through cable-, connect your receiver to your computer and run the "loader" program. From within the loader program, select the software that will be downloaded into your receiver then activate the software download function.   Make sure not to disturb the loading process and to wait until the software is loaded completely into the receiver, failing to wait will most likely render your  receiver inoperable. Some receiver may display GOOD or END at the front panel when the software loading is completed. Make sure to follow the loading instructions to the letter.

Once the new software is loaded into your receiver, it is advisable that you initialize it/setting it to factory default.  You  may need to activate the patch mode using a certain code or a certain key sequence from your remote control. Some software will not require you to enter a code or key sequence to activate the software.  The exact procedure for loading the software and activating it is normally found on the same website.

Needless to say that this software is illegal and in most cases it will invalidate your warranty.  Furthermore, whoever decides to take this route must understand that this type of software does not mean free TV for life, it merely means free TV until the broadcaster decides to encrypt the channel in a different way or send an ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) that will stop the software from working.  In most cased, third party software can fix any ECM a provider may send, but if the encryption method is changed, then you may end up with just free to air receiver.  If you are the adventurous type and decide to take this route, enjoy it, but keep in mind, that nothing lasts forever.  If any distributor promises you free TV for life, we strongly advice you to keep searching for a more reputable one.

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AZ/EL (Azimuth Elevation Calculation)

When installing your dish, you will need to know the satellite's azimuth (lateral position) and  elevation (Vertical position), you need to calculate the azimuth and elevation angle based on your city and state, or latitude and longitude. Please note that azimuth is based on true magnetic north. You must adjust your compass to accommodate the magnetic deviation for your area. Remember to add or subtract your magnetic deviation based on the simple rule "East is least, and West is best". that is, if your deviation is east of zero subtract the magnetic deviation from your actual compass heading, and if it is west of zero, then add it to your compass heading. Certain types of compasses can be adjusted for the magnetic deviation, and will always point to the true north. Click here to start your calculation.

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TV Connection

Connecting your digital receiver to the TV is quite simple. Just remove the cable that is going to your TV and attach it to the "TV Antenna" of the receiver. Connect the "TV Output" of the receiver to the TV.  Set your TV to channel 3 or 4 depending on the position of the RF output switch on the back of the digital receiver.

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LNB Connection for slaved receivers.

If you already have an analog receiver such as a 4DTV receiver and wish to add an MPEGII receiver such as the Satcruiser that would enable you to receiver hundreds of free to air MPEGII channels, then you will need to slave the Satcruiser to your current system.  
Slaving the Satcruiser depends to your current analog system depends on whether you have a C band only, or C/Ku bands on your system.  If you have C band only, then simply remove the C band cable from the 4DTV and connect it to the "digital" input of the Satcruiser, then connect the "Loop Through" output of the Satcruiser back to your 4DTV. For a diagram see Split C only section.  
If you have both C and Ku, then you will need to split both C and Ku cables with one leg going back to the 4DTV and the other legs going back to an electronic A/B switch (22KHz , 2way DiSeqC or 12 Volts) , the output of the switch goes to the digital input of the Satcruiser. For a diagram of the connection see Split C/Ku 22KHz, or Split C/Ku DiseqC, or split C/Ku 12Volts.  It is recommended that you use either the 22KHz or DiSeqC switch because power is passed to those switches through the coax cable while the 12Volts switch require two power wires to be connected to the receiver's 12 volts output.

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No Signal

One of the most common questions we receive is that "I made all the connections, yet I am unable to lock on any channels. What am I doing wrong?".   There can be many different reasons for this problem, please click on trouble- shooting  section for more details. Start with the obvious, check your connections first and make sure the unit is receiving the satellite signal, the signal meter in the TP Configuration menu must register a reading.  You will be able to lock on the signal only when the quality meter  registers a signal.  If you are getting a week signal, you may be using a regular TV RG59 cable between your dish and receiver instead of the required RG6 cable. 

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SG-2100 HH Mount Installation

Please download or view this sg_2100.pdf file for complete instructions on how to install your SG-2100 HH mount. You will need Acrobat reader to be able to read this document. Download Acrobat reader from www.acrobat.com .
It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that the mounting pole is vertical in all directions, if not, instead of spending minutes, you will spend hours and maybe days trying to track the satellites.
Please note that the sg_2100.pdf document specifies a "40 - declination angle", the current models uses "30 - declination angle", for example if your declination angle in the table is 6 degrees, then set up the dish angle to 30 - 6 = 24 degrees.

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Changing Satellite Name on SatCruiser/StarCruiser receivers

To change the satellite name.  Press the following on your Satcruiser remote control
Installation, OK
TP Configuration, OK
Select the satellite
Press the INFO button on the remote
Use the keyboard type keypad on the screen to enter the new name.  Press the INFO button to cycle between upper case and lower case
Press MENU when done

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Changing TV Channel Name on SatCruiser/StarCruiser receivers

To change the TV channel name.  Press the following on your Satcruiser remote control
Installation, OK
Edit TV List, OK
Select the TV Channel
Press the INFO button on the remote
Use the keyboard type keypad on the screen to enter the new name.  Press the INFO button to cycle between upper case and lower case
Press MENU when done.

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Software Upgrade

To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question. Software upgrade is essential only when there are new features added to the system, or when there is a correction to a known problem. If your system is working properly there is no need for an upgrade.  We do have the latest version of software available on our website for those who are interested in having their units run the latest software. However, we do recommend that you follow the axiom "if it ain't broke, don't fix".

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Copy the software and TV channels from one SATCRUISER or StarCruiser 9700 receiver to another

This section pertains to the Satcruiser 101Plus/StarCruiser 9000 models ONLY.
If you have a Satcruiser Plus+ or Satcruiser Nova or Starcruiser 9000 or Starcruiser 9700 then you must have boot software version 1.30.  If you try to copy from receiver to receiver with old boot software, your receiver will lock up.

Please note that you will be able to copy the software from one receiver to another only if both receivers have the same version boot software.
You can copy either the TV Channels only, or the TV channels and receiver's firmware.
To initiate the copying process, please follow these directions.

  1. Prepare the two receivers. One is the source, the other is the target.
  2. Set the source receiver in send mode as follows
  3. Turn on the power of the source receiver and press the buttons on the front panel or the remote control in the following order:  MENU, CH-UP, VOL-UP, CH-DOWN, VOL-DOWN, MENU
    The text CPPG (Copy Program) will appear on the front LED display
  4. If you wish to copy the firmware and the TV channels, then skip this bullet. If you wish to copy just the TV channels then press CH-UP or CH-Down, the LED will display CPCH (Copy Channels).
  5. Press the OK button.  The LED will display SEND
  6. Connect the source and target receivers with an RS232 null modem cable.
  7. Turn on the power of the target receiver.
  8. The copy function will proceed automatically.  STRT will be displayed on the front LED of the source receiver, and a percentage will be displayed on the target receiver.
  9. When transfer is completed, the message GOOD or FAIL will appear on the front LED of the source receiver, and UPDA will be displayed on the LED of the target receiver.  The target receiver will reboot.
  10. If you want to make a copy to another receiver, just proceed from step 6 through 9. No need to press any buttons on the source receiver.

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Common Interface/Conditional Access Module (CAM)

CI (Common Interface) is slot inside the receiver where the user can insert a standard encryption card CAM such as IRDETO, Nagravision, Cryptoworks, Viaccess or Conax.  The encryption card by itself will not allow the user to receive the channels, the user must subscribe to the TV channel by contacting the broadcaster who will in turn send him/her a "smart card".  This smart card is inserted inside the encryption module.  The TV broadcaster will read the smart card and allow you to receive their signal.   You can think of the encryption module (Irdeto, Viaccess, etc) as the lock on you door and the smart card as the key to that lock.

If you wish to subscribe to an encrypted channel, you must first find out what kind of encryption method the broadcaster is using, then purchase the receiver that has this encryption card built in like our 301IR which has built in IRDETO plus 2 free slots for 2 more encryption cards (we will soon have built in Viaccess as well), or you can purchase the specific encryption card and use it one one of the 2 free slots. (we can special order any type of encryption card ).

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Repair/Return Policy.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our receivers, we will gladly take it back if it falls under our 30 days of the date of purchase.  Dishes and electronic items such as LNBs are not returnable. 

You will need to contact us for a Return Authorization Number at 1-800-862-5529 or by email at satcruiser@satcruiser.com.

Beir Nabala Satellite Communication Inc will not accept unauthorized returns or exchanges. Packages without a Return Authorization Number will be refused upon return to our warehouse.

Returns will be accepted for exchange, repair or refund, at our discretion within 30 days from the shipment date. No refunds or credit will be granted after 30 days. There will be a 20% restocking fee for all items excluding digital satellite receivers. Additional charges may apply if the merchandise is not returned in 100% perfect condition and in the original packaging. The customer is solely responsible for all applicable shipping charges.

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